Our team of energy professionals is committed to providing clients with the most up-to-date data, market insight, products, and technological innovations available to best navigate a complex and evolving energy marketplace.

Our Story

Secure Energy has been providing small and large commercial, industrial and municipal customers with energy management services for over a decade. Secure Energy Solutions, LLC was founded during the infancy of the deregulated energy market in New England, with the primary mission to help businesses navigate the volatile energy markets. Since then, our business has grown to over 50 employees, with two offices dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service, market intelligence and innovative, strategy-driven solutions.

Our team with over 175 years of combined experience will take the time to learn about your needs and understand how energy impacts your business. Our significant professional resources will become your resources for all thing’s energy. Your personal account manager will coordinate with our in-house energy efficiency experts and pricing and account managers, to develop your individualized strategy. In addition to your account manager, we have an account representative standing by to assist you with questions or concerns regarding your accounts.


Why Secure Energy?

Our team of Energy Experts will:

  • Advise your business on how to develop a results-oriented, logical energy strategy
  • Identify the unique energy needs of your business
  • Evaluate your business’ demand profile
  • Educate your business on market conditions
  • Develop customized strategies utilizing our entire team

We’ve assembled a skilled team that provides our customers with the knowledge, guidance, and solutions required to manage today’s energy needs.

Kevin R Mattson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Customized Strategies

Your business profile is unique, and our strategies are not “one size fits all.” Allow Secure Energy to develop a strategy for you with close attention to:

  • Commodity Market Intelligence and navigation

  • Efficiency / Green Energy Solutions appropriate for your operation, applied with complete project management

  • Technology that creates opportunities to drive savings

Consider Secure Energy your energy management team down the hall, an extension of your business, committed to providing you with the advice and support you need to navigate the energy markets and implement the energy initiatives necessary to remain competitive in today’s economy. Let us:

  • Negotiate with suppliers on your behalf

  • Better position your business to execute on your next purchase

Let's put our process to work for you.


To develop and maintain long-term client relationships by designing and implementing comprehensive energy management strategies that communicate market knowledge, leverage supplier relationships, introduce data driven, efficiency-based technology, and deliver innovative solutions.