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Secure Energy is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and effective, customized solutions for your business. Our entire team works to manage your energy interests and serve as your exclusive resource for advice and guidance.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Customized Energy Management Strategies
  • Electricity & Natural Gas Procurement
  • Energy Market Monitoring
  • Account Management
  • Reporting Technology: Energy Intelligence Software
  • Efficiency Solutions

Why choose Secure Energy?

Just ask our customers...

A Quality Manufacturer says,

"The staff at Secure Energy work seamlessly to answer questions, address concerns, and follow all details through to successful completion. The continuous communication via telephone, office visits, mail, and email has confirmed the professional dedication behind Secure Energy’s goal of finding energy solutions that include our objectives and risk tolerance.

A Food Store & Service Organization says,

"As a company with a tradition reaching back to 1948, [we pride ourselves] on strong customer service, trustworthiness and a commitment to quality. The same could be said of you and Secure Energy. Your assistance with energy procurement (including making the arcane simple), energy efficiency and consulting services have been helpful to our entire organization."

A Real Estate Organization says,

"As you are aware, electricity is readily available everywhere, what is unique about Secure Energy is the service you provide along with the sale . . .
The knowledge and research your company provided to us enabled us to make an informed decision when awarding our contracts . . .
you made it easy for us and for that [we are] truly grateful."

A Manufacturing Company says,

"We continue to benefit from your advice in support of energy procurement, favorable distribution rate analysis and energy efficiency services . . . Best of all, our energy costs have gone down, and with your assistance, we were able to have the [efficiency] project initiated with financial incentives and no-interest financing, that was of value to us."

A Quality Manufacturer says,

"Our relationship with Secure Energy is one of trust and confidence that the decisions we make in regard to our energy costs are educated ones . . .
As our needs change, Secure Energy is always one step ahead of all the other companies in terms of new offers and suggestions."

A Housing Authority says,

"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for going above and beyond to assist [our] energy decision making. Your vast knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence that I was making a good decision on behalf of the agency."

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Beyond Procurement...

Comprehensive Efficiency Solutions

A Lending Company says,

"Wow! What a difference the new lighting has made at our offices. I salute you and your team for making the whole process trouble-free and seamless. Our needs were all taken into consideration and your support made a world of difference, as well. The property has improved and our costs have been reduced."

A Manufacturing Company says,

"Our office space, precision machining and storage areas have all benefited from the [efficiency] upgrades, and the work was performed incredibly swiftly and professionally, without any interruption to our normal operations. We also appreciated the close oversight. . . and your team’s commitment to accommodating our installation schedule."

A Manufacturing Company says,

"The Secure Energy team helped us transform our manufacturing facility by way of much improved LED Lighting systems. The facility is brighter and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome, including lower energy costs . . . We appreciate all that you did in support of our energy procurement and energy efficiency goals."

A Vehicle Dealership says,

"The new LED technology has made a big difference . . . our staff is pleased with the improvements, and we couldn’t be happier with how smoothly the entire process unfolded. Our thanks to you and your team for remaining mindful of our business goals and objectives throughout the process."

A Food Store & Service says,

"The lighting upgrades recently completed . . . have been well-received by our employees and our customers. The facility is brighter, the fixtures are more attractive, and our electric bill has been reduced too. And the installation was done professionally and in record time. What’s not to like?"

A Precision Manufacturer says,

"The new LED lighting really improved the look and brightness of our facility . . . you and your team delivered big time. What we also appreciated was the turnkey nature of the entire project – from customer relations to lighting evaluation, project management, installation and even equipment removal and disposal."

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  • Customer Confidentiality is important to us
  • We are happy to provide complete testimonials and referral letters upon request

Customer service & support is our top priority.
Our aim is to build relationships, not customer lists.

Kevin Mattson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder