Peak Notifications

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energy management strategy.

  • ISO Alerts

    Capacity accounts for as much as one-third of your energy supply cost. Depending on the region you operate, that cost can be the result of just one peak period or an average of peaks typically reached during the summer. The ability to manage your Peaks is key to arresting capacity cost and managing overall energy spend. Secure Energy customers, in all markets, get complimentary, real-time, ISO alerts, a critical part of our
    comprehensive energy strategy required to manage costs.

Sign-up for ISO Alerts

Complementary Service

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  • Be informed of your region's grid peak demand forecasts and conditions
  • Receive morning report emails with forecasted grid conditions for the day
  • Gain valuable insight needed to react to peak conditions

If you choose to add your mobile phone number:

  • You will also receive real-time notifications sent to your device of peak
  • Benefit from "Peak Season" notifications during the cooling months of June - September